Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day! xoxo

                                        Homemade heart-shaped sugar cookies made by me :)
                                              My V-Day outfit and flowers my daddy bought me~
                                                                          outfit again
                                                                       my sweet sweater
                                                                          red lips
dancing :)

So, my Valentines Day goes like this: I didn't expect much today from anyone really. But my friend, David, said he'd be my Valentine and he'd get me a bear and a card. He didn't get me a bear but he can't me a card. That was good enough for me. I open it and ... theeeee most beautiful message. It was blank :( He didn't even sign it! I gave it back to him and told him to write something in it, ahha! And everyone was getting roses and candy and nobody got me anything :( and my Valentine hardly talked to me all day. Then atleast five guys said they would've gotten me something.. if I said something! Didn't know I had to ask. I was craving candy allllll day, and all i got was an Airhead and baby lollipop. Then I get home and tell my little brother the story and that I'm sad. He pities me, says "awwwww", and gives me a few pieces of candy. It was the cutest, most pathetic thing ever. Then my dad got me chocolate and flowers and a heart-shaped doughnut. So, in conclusion, my little brother and dad are my valentines. I also made heart-shaped sugar cookies :) What'd you do for your Valentine's Day?

Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Ideal Valentine's

Everything I would want on Valentine's Day. A kiss, a really cute outfit, lots of candy and goodies, champagne and flowers, and lots of cute accesories! Ufortunately, I just broke up with my boyfriend... so  I'm really not sure who I'm spending V-Day with :\ really sad. 

All Things Lovely

                                                      All my lipsticks. Photo by me

                                                            H&M dress. Photo by me
all other images from
Havn't posted on here in a while. But that's okay because nobody reads my blog anyway. Can't lose hope, though! So today I stayed home and did absolutely nothing. I guess it was nice to have a day to myself. Obsessing over 3.1 Phillip Lim dresses, Audrey Kitching, Glamorous photos, GLITTER, heels, the usual. About to have a picture overload here! Enjoy :)