Sunday, January 23, 2011


I've been obsessed with leopard lately, so anything leopard print that I come into contact with I must buy! Found a leopard print, 60s-inspired coat at H&M on sale for $15 Steal! I had to wear it right away and this is the outfit. I look strange in this picture, haha. It's okay, I still love the outfit. I was inspired by Twiggy, the 60's, and this image from i'm wearing a mint-y blue colored ring sort of like the one in the picture, you can't see it, though. :\ Oh well. I thought it looked really cool and it added a pop of color to it.


  1. I am obsessed with leopard prints. Like seriously. It's my favourite! There's just something about it. My mum even joked she would give me an actual leopard for my birthday! Lol.

    I am in love with you coat! So jealous. You look so good in it. Plus, it's such a steal too! I don't think suit coats like that as it makes me look bulky but you rock it well! We should exchange photos of leopard print goodies!!

  2. Me too! Right! And it can go with everything somehow! It's pure magic. Aw, how amazing would that be? :) and thankyou so much! I know! I had to buy it! Usually, I don't buy coats no matter how cheap but I was like "how could I resist?" haha. Ohmygosh, yes we should!!!!